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1420 Nutrition

Nutrition drives everything we do in the gym, DON’T LEAVE THIS BOX UNCHECKED. We address all of your nutrition needs through 1-1 nutrition coaching. We also do quarterly nutrition challenges for those who like the accountability of a group. Changing lifestyle and nutrition habits can be hard…WE CAN HELP!




We believe CrossFit is the most effective style of training out there. Our CrossFit classes are the heartbeat of our gym. This is where we come together to talk, laugh, play games, and train with friends and family. Working out safely is important to us, so we do require a screening process (1420 FUNDAMENTALS) before starting our CrossFit Classes.



CrossFit Kids/Preteens

The goal of 1420 KIDS/PRETEENS is simple…Have FUN! Work HARD! Learn to MOVE WELL! This program is done throughout the year in 4 week cycles, allowing for proper progressions through conditioning and skill work.



We introduce new members to CrossFit through the SAFEST and MOST EFFECTIVE ON-BOARDING PROGRAM ANYWHERE. You will be guided by an expert coach through a series of personal training sessions designed to meet your specific needs and prepare you for the pace and intensity of CrossFit classes. CrossFit is intense, complex, and effective. Starting the right way is critical to your future success!



1420 BOOTCAMP is designed to integrate clients into our community who want the intensity of CrossFit, but may not enjoy lifting with a barbell. The goal is helping our members improve their BODY COMPOSITION and CONFIDENCE. It emphasizes building a fitness base through basic strength and conditioning work. There is a balance between higher intensity and slow-steady aerobic work. Unlike our CrossFit classes, this program DOES NOT REQUIRE A SCREENING PROCESS…come give it a shot!


Legends 50+

Our Legends program is focused on our 50 and older members. The workouts are challenging but tailored perfectly for that age group. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to get in the game and get stronger, feel better, and move better.


Personal Training

We offer the same world class coaching from our expert trainers in a 1-1 or small group settings. ADDRESS SPECIFIC GOALS and MAKE PROGRESS FASTER with custom designed programs, constant attention, and feedback from your coach.


Kids Club

We love kiddos here at 1420! Our staffed kids club allows moms and dads the freedom to workout stress free, knowing your kiddos are being taken care of.

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