Pumpjacked Radio Episode 03


Pumpjacked Radio Episode 03

Were back tonight on Pumpjacked Radio with Tanya! We talk a little about Tanya and her back ground, spoiler alert: she’s really shy, and grew up on a farm!

Tanya has developed a huge love of Strongman training in recent years and really started to pursue it in the last several months. We have spent some time communicating with Logan Gilbrich who owns Deuce Gym, An awesome CrossFit facility on Venice Beach. Logan has developed Strongman as what he calls a subculture at his affiliate and runs Strongman 101 and Strongman 201 pretty much year round and has since taken the program to gyms all over. Its a blend of Strongman, and traditional CrossFit that brings some legit developmental aspects, is a ton of fun, and get you dirts and bruised! Its our goal this year to bring a similar program to CrossFit 1420 and Tanya will be the catalyst behind that goal.

In this episode we dive into the what and why of all the common Strongman training implements, the yoke, atlas stones, sand bags, farmers carry, kegs, sleds, and tires!

Strongman is recognized among industry leaders for its ability to recruit core and hip musculature that is very difficult to train otherwise. Namely the obliques and transverse abdominis. Likewise, Strongman training is known for being easy to learn and incredibly effective at developing strength that has tremendous carryover to sports and life. Have a listen!