Six Pack Summer Pt1. – Prioritizing Your Nutrition


Six Pack Summer Pt1. – Prioritizing Your Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, the internet is a buzz with ALL the latest info you need right?

In my experience, the information age can be down right confusing when it comes to trying to improve your health and wellness.

We have a adopted a simple breakdown of 5 key elements of nutrition and how to prioritize them effectively for better health and body composition. Thanks to Dr Mike Isreatel from Renaissance Physique for the key concepts behind this model.

If you know you’re in over your head, stop reading and schedule an appointment, if you’re more of a Do It Yourself person, keep reading.

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Calories – Most Americans are considerably off target when it comes to their total caloric intake. This is the highest priority item to help you achieve your optimal body weight. You should establish your intake based off of your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and your activity levels. Your BMR is how many calories your body will burn at rest, based on how much lean muscle mass you have.

Macronutrients – The macronutrients in food are responsible for sending hormonal signals to your body, striking a balance with your intake of 30% Protein, 30% Fat, and 40% Carbohydrates, is essential to making sure the right signals are being sent each time you eat.

Timing – When and how often you eat has a major impact on blood sugar and insulin among other things and takes a prominent role, there are many ways to time the intake of your nutrients effectively. Most individuals working to establish good eating habits should strive to eat 5 time per day, spaced 3-4 hours apart.

*Food Quality – Food quality plays only a small role in your body’s ability to regulate its composition (lose fat or gain muscle). Once you achieve your optimal body composition, much more emphasis should be place on food quality to ensure long term health and wellness

Supplements – Supplements play only a small role in your body composition. They are valuable for recovery from intense workouts, and to provide nutrients you are unable to consume from your meals and snacks.


Once you understand why and how to prioritize your nutrition, be sure to measure your progress the RIGHT way! Most people want to lose a few pounds, and thats fine. Just understand that the number on the scale does not tell a complete story. You need to measure Percent Body Fat (PBF), Lean Mass (LMM), and Body Weight (BDW), to know what is really going on. The scale can be deceiving, often individuals are adding lean mass at the same rate they are dropping body fat, thus the number on the scale doesn’t change much despite tremendous success. The scale can also cause trouble by making you think you are doing great, when you are actually dropping Lean Mass, which lowers your metabolism and has a devastating impact on long term success.

Decide before you start what other things will happen with success… Things like clothes fitting better, higher energy levels, better sleep, and fewer mood swings. These are called Future Bright Spots and are critical to help you recognize your own success and enjoying benefits of all your hard work!


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