1420 Strong Mom – When and Why to Prioritize Strength Training…


1420 Strong Mom – When and Why to Prioritize Strength Training…

Does strength training make you bulky? This is a question I have answered more times than I can remember. Bulky is a look coveted by some and hated by others.

The truth is… the answer isn’t all that simple. If I told you that weight lifting can’t make you bulky I would definitely be lying! Perhaps there’s a better question we can ask. Is there a way to do weight lifting that doesn’t make you bulky? The answer is yes!

Now that we have settled that! Lets talk about the benefits. At CrossFit 1420 I would venture to say that most of our athletes have readily adopted strength training and weight lifting, and the question we are discussing today is if you can benefit from prioritizing this type of work in your routine.

The answer is not yes for everyone, but for some it can make all the difference! Consider these four things!

Recoverability – Every person has a different recoverability from their training. Many factors play into your recoverability! Genetics, stress, sleep, and nutrition just to name a few. If you are out training your recoverability, progress slows, hormones get out of whack, and a whole cascade of issues ensues. Leaving you confused about what happened to the incredible progress you were making months before. The delicate ecosystem of training and recovery must be kept in balance! Setting aside days to keep your heart rate lower, but still hit the gym and do some heavy lifting can help restore balance to your training and accelerate your progress!

Performance – Everyone knows stronger athletes perform better and get hurt less. In most sports, and in the gym, there is a huge return on strength gains. Strength training changes our very DNA, increases bone density, and has a drastic impact on hormone function. Conditioning or cardio carries very few of these same benefits and can be trained very rapidly, where increasing strength and lean tissue is a much longer process.

Carryover – Strength training can actually improve your capacity in aerobic  exercise (cardio), but aerobic exercise can not deliver any positive impact on anaerobic (strength/sprint work) exercise!

Longevity – the progress you make from strength training is actually very difficult to lose, it can impact your fitness and health for years and even decades after you STOP! All effects and benefits of cardio are gone just a few weeks after you stop. Sorry, its a hard truth we all have to deal with! We’ve all gone on vacation for two weeks and came back to ZERO lung capacity, but similar ability in the strength realm! This is why!

Its easy to see that prioritizing strength training can be the right choice for a lot of people, but not everyone!

We are excited to launch 1420 Strong Mom, our first women’s only specialty program!

Check out THIS PAGE for more info on the program and to sign up! And take a look at a sample of daily programming below!

When: Starts January 9th – Monday and Wednesday 8:30am

Cost: $199 / 6 week session


Main Lifts

Back Squat 5×10

Strict press 5×8

Pull ups 5×3-5 (assisted or strict)

Super set: 

3×15 KB swings

3×10 Back extensions


Hollow rocks & teapots